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Specifying Scenarios Safely None

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Behavior-Driven Development affects most phases of software development from specification, to implementation, to maintenance.
How it all fits together

Choosing a story to work on is part of project planning and control; we won't address it here. What to work on next is generally a business decision.

Discussing a story is at the heart of working with scenarios: the next track will discuss how collaboration can help the whole team understand what's wanted.

Developing concrete scenarios is the other focus of this album: ways that the whole team can work together to write and refine scenarios.

Automating scenarios is the focus of a related album, Automating Scenarios Safely. It is generally the concern of developers, though the process of automation can influence the other steps.

Running scenarios as regression tests is a way for a team to get ongoing benefit from automation. It is generally managed by developers, QA, or release engineers, and may be part of Continuous Integration or Continuous Deployment.
This album focuses on discussing stories
and developing concrete scenarios.
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