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Close Preview is a high-speed marriage service that guarantees you a perfect spouse within 24 hours or your money back!
The web site is developed by Albert, Jane and George.
Who is in the safest position to delete dead code in the system? Please re-order the boxes below so that the person in the safest position is on top, followed by the next safest and so on. More instructions...
Place these in the correct order:
  • Albert is an intermediate programmer with 3 years of experience on the project. He is improving the code that outputs a graphical MarriageCertificate. He sees a comment, "remove this when we get a graphical certificate", near code to output a text-based MarriageCertificate. He finds no automated test coverage for the generated certificate code. It is one day before a release to production.
  • George is a junior programmer who is new to the project. He is working on the PerfectSpouseFeatures form. This form lets clients select features like height, hair color and favorite world leader. George finds code in the form to convert meters to feet and vice versa. He thinks this code is dead since the web site only shows height in meters. There are automated tests for the conversion logic. It is two months before the next release to production.
  • Jane is an experienced programmer who has worked on the project for 4 years. Her IDE informs her that two private fields within the PerfectSpouseProfile class aren't being used anywhere within the class. There are plenty of automated tests for this class. It is two weeks before a release to production.
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