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This exercise is all about cleaning up the code smell, Alternative Classes with Different Interfaces
Occurs when the interfaces of two classes are different and yet the classes are quite similar. If you can find the similarities between the two classes, you can often refactor the classes to make them share a common interface [Fowler 85, Kerievsky 43]
Alternative Classes With Different Interfaces Example
The XMLBuilder features logic to construct a tree structure using instances of TagNode.
The DOMBuilder contains the exact same tree-construction logic, only it uses instances of classes that implement the Element interface (from the Document Object Model).
There is a great deal of duplicated tree-construction code in each of the builders because TagNode and Element don't share a common interface.
Understood. If TagNode and Element shared a common interface, the builder logic would become identical, thereby allowing it to be shared in a builder superclass. Sounds like a job for the Adapter pattern.
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