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Let’s write stories for a system that doesn’t exist yet.
PerfectPetFor.Us sells pets and pet supplies. We help people:
  • identify the right pet,
  • buy the pet (from our large menagerie and network), and
  • support the pet after sale (through food sales, toy sales, and veterinary services)
We've grown from a local store to a regional provider and beyond. Our web site is limited: only a front page, store locator, and contact information.
Our growth has stalled because of
web-based competitors.
In this exercise, we're going to write stories for PerfectPetFor.Us.
  • We'll look at the charter and mission - what are we trying to accomplish?
  • We'll look at the context diagram showing what's in or out of our scope.
  • We'll brainstorm a variety of stories.
Let’s get started!
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