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Faking & Mocking Java

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We would really like to test our code, because it's interesting. Notice that the protocol has three interesting execution paths:
  1. The session fails to start.
  2. The session starts, but the customer doesn't have sufficient funds.
  3. Billing is successful.
Early in this album we showed you several forms of awkwardness. Which of the following forms are true for Billing's collaboration with CACTUS?
True False
Awkward Setup: It's hard to cause CACTUS to fail the starting of the session.
Awkward Setup: It's hard to set up a customer with insufficient funds.
Awkward Results: We can't trust CACTUS to always work properly, since it's not under our control.
Awkward Runtime: Billing's tests will be slow.
Awkward Control: How do we actually verify that Billing calls the CACTUS API in the correct sequence?
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