Welcome to Industrial Logic's Agile eLearning! This album will help you both learn your way around and have a few laughs. Contents include:
  • A Guided Video Tour of our eLearning
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)
  • The History of Our Product (A System Metaphor Revealed)
  • Meet the Authors
  • Behind the Scenes With the IL Team
  • Bloopers: Bad Art and Worse Videos


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A Greatest Hits Video Tour 3
An eLearning Roadmap 4
Planning Your Study 5
Community and Feedback 6
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers 7
A Music-Themed Advertisement 9
More Taglines 10
Our Greatest Hits 11
Greatest Hits Looks Like A Web Site 12
Usability Evaluations To The Rescue! 13
The Book Metaphor 14
A Better Metaphor 15
Meet the Authors 17
Mike Hill 18
Brian Foote 19
Gil Broza 20
C. Keith Ray 21
Joshua Kerievsky 22
Agile Rockstars 24
Agility the Industrial Logic Way 25
Test-Driven Development 26
Refactoring 27
Teamwork 28
Does Code Smell This Bad? 30
Our Agile Bloopers 31
Fishnet Patterns? 32
What's Next? 33

Supported Browsers

  • Latest Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Latest Chrome
  • Latest Safari

Operating Systems

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X

Development Tools

You can use whatever developments tools you prefer. If you do use an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), many (though not all) of our labs come with projects pre-configured for Eclipse, IntelliJ and Visual Studio.

Speakers or headphones are required for our videos.

Flash is required to view charts or watch videos — download for free.